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Saskia Osendarp is a passionate, enthusiastic and results-oriented scientist with a PhD in international nutrition and almost twenty years of experience in international nutrition research, of which 8 years in public health where she lived and worked at the ICDDR,B in Bangladesh and 10 years in the private sector in a multinational food company.

Her research expertise include the importance of micronutrients and essential fatty acids on health and development of infants and children as well as nutrition during pregnancy and impact on pregnancy outcomes. More recently, her research extended to the area of micronutrients and obesity in children in transitional countries. She has more than 30 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters most of them in high impact nutrition or health journals.

Saskia has a proven record in initiating and completing international research collaborations, innovation projects with successful market launches, and public-private partnerships, all in the area of fortification, child nutrition and development.  She is regularly invited to speak at international meetings and to chair or co-chair workshops or sessions at scientific conferences. In addition, she has a proven experience in supervising, training and coaching of highly educated professionals.

Saskia has a strong and extensive international network and well established multi-cultural and adaptation skills including excellent language skills and ability to work in multidisciplinary teams. She has a strong drive to contribute to improved nutrition and capability building in developing countries.


Saskia Osendarp


dr. ir. S.J.M. Osendarp

Rodenrijseweg 323

2651 BT Berkel Rodenrijs

The Netherlands

+31 620 784 249


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