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  1. BulletOsendarp SJM. Zinc supplementation in Bangladeshi women and infants: effects on pregnancy outcome, infant growth, morbidity and immune response. PhD thesis Wageningen University, 2001

  1. BulletAndang’o PEA. Efficacy and safety of fortification with iron and maize flour in African children. PhD thesis Wageningen University, 2007 (co-promotor)

  1. BulletEilander A. Micronutrients, omega-3 fatty acids and cognitive performance in Indian schoolchildren. PhD thesis Wageningen University, 2009 (co-promotor)

  1. BulletHuong LT. Anemia among school children in Vietnam: the efficacy of iron fortification. PhD thesis Wageningen University, 2006 (member of promotion committee)

  1. BulletRohner, Fabian David. Strategies to reduce anaemia and iron deficiency in sub-Saharan African children. technological and physiological approaches by Fabian David Rohner. ETH (2008). doi:10.3929/ethz-a-005635236. (co-examiner PhD thesis)




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